DIY New Year’s Eve Photo Booth

Photo booths are a party favorite! Especially on New Year’s Eve! Everyone loves to ham it up in front of the camera when dressed to impress, and it takes away the pressure of remembering to take selfies throughout the evening. Setting up an at home photo booth is quick and easy and your guests will love you for it. Here’s what you need:



  1. Metallic Gold Fringe Foil Curtain
  2. Vinyl Fabric Photography Background
  3. Gold Sequin Backdrop


  1. New Year’s Even Resolution Mug Shot
  2. Photo Booth Cut Outs & Signs
  3. Hats, Tiaras and Noise Makers


Instant Cameras Under $100

  1. Fujifilm Instant Camera
  2. Polaroid Snap Instant Camera
  3. Impossible Polaroid Old School Instant Camera

4+ Star Digital Cameras Under $100

  1. Kodak 4x Optical Zoom
  2. Sony MP Digital Camera
  3. Kodak 5x Optical Zoom
  4. Nikon 28x Optical Zoom

Camera Remotes

  1. CamKix Bluetooth Remote
  2. Amazon Wireless Remote
  3. Canon RC-6 Wireless Remote


  1. 50″ Lightweight Tripod
  2. 60″ Lightweight Tripod
  3. 72″ Lightweight Tripod

Lights For Under $50

  1. 160 LED Panel
  2. Umbrella Light Kit
  3. Square Softlight Box

Don’t forget the midnight kiss! And have a Happy New Year!