Hilarious Cards Against Humanity Expansions and Knock Offs


Adult Card Games For Horrible People

This popular adult card game has taken parties by storm! Even if you don’t have your own deck, you’re sure to have heard of Cards Against Humanity and the hilarity that ensues. Tagged as “a party game for horrible people” the game involves players completing fill-in-the-blank statements using words or phrases typically deemed as offensive, risqué or politically incorrect which are printed on playing cards. It’s basically Apples to Apples, but the dirty version, and I’m sure the creators are kicking themselves for not thinking of this first!

The game first started when a group of friends from high school would get together over college break and play improv games. They created their own games for fun, the most popular being Cardenfreude (a portmanteau of “card” and “schaudenfreude,” a German word that translates roughly to “deriving pleasure from another’s misfortune”) that entailed asking and answering absurd questions. According to an interview in Inc.com with the game makers:

“The game was fun, but didn’t stick until both the questions and the answers were pre-written out on highly interchangeable cards. But they didn’t know it would resonate outside his small circle until each of the eight guys brought a deck back to his respective colleges with him in early 2009.”

It was an instant success! As soon as they started playing, the dorm room would be full of 30 people all howling in laughter. Based on the hit that their home made game was at college, they created a website where people could download and print their own version of the game. And thus began one of the most popular games in history! And so started the knock offs:

Get The Animals Involved

Crabs Adjust Humidity
Has no real moral compass. Do not refrigerate after opening.

Crows Adopt Vulgarity
For best results, this game is to be play while consuming copious amounts of alcohol and prescription painkillers.

Cocks Abreast Hostility
Just the tip.

Cats Abiding Horribly
In typical cat fashion.

Cows Against Hamburgers
Eat chicken instead!

Carps & Angsty Manatee
“I immediately questioned my morals and ethical values upon receiving this game. I have come to realize that, while I play this game and laugh, I am a horrible human being.” – Game Player Review

On The Kinky Side

Guards Against Insanity
Contains naughty adult content…. role play anyone?

Cards and Punishment
Now in the correct size, for her pleasure! (Pleasure not guaranteed)

Words Against Morality
The #1 rated expansion pack by Frosty the Snowman – buy a pack or he might just melt away!

Getting Political

politically incorrect candidate game

Humanity Hates Trump
And humanity hates him right back.

Humanity Hates Hillary Clinton
She did loose afterall.

Actual Expansions From The Owners

The Jew Pack
Fun fact: 100% of the Cards Against Humanity writers are Jewish.
25 white & 5 black cards straight from our big brains full of facts and sadness.

90s Nostalgia Pack
Because who doesn’t love the 90s?!

Your Shitty Jokes
Think you can do any better???