How To Throw a New Year’s Eve Party Like a Pro

One more trip around the sun is one more reason to throw an amazing party that everyone will remember for the rest of the year.


“The secret to a successful New Year’s Eve party falls in strategically planning, so you’re not scrambling at the last minute to get everything together before the ball drops,” says event planner Ron Wendt of Ron Wendt Design. Undoubtedly there will be unforeseen events outside of your control, so do everything you can to start 2017 off right with these absolute must haves for your New Year’s Eve party!

Things To Make Your Guests Say “Wow!”

  1. Edible Glitter – Yes, that’s right, glitter that you can eat!
  2. Personalized Sparkler Tags – Everyone gets a sparkler with their name on it!


  1. New Year’s Even Resolution Mug Shot – a fun way for your guests to remember the night and reinforce their resolutions through out the year.
  2. New Year’s Eve Balloon Clock – arrange the numbered balloons on the wall in a circle like the face of a clock. As the hours tick by, pop the balloons as you count down to the New Year!
  3. Photo Booth Props – one of the most popular New Year’s activities! Check out our recommendations for how to create your own DIY New Year’s Photo booth here.

Party Favors

These are an absolute necessity for any New Year’s party. Even if you don’t have a photo booth, your guests will want to take lots of selfies wearing all sorts of 2017 memorabilia to usher in the New Year!

  1. 2017 Glasses
  2. Sparklets and Poppers
  3. Hats, Tiaras and Noise Makers


A few fundamental affordable and fun decoration ideas. Each of these will instantly add some sparkle to any apartment or home.

  1. LED Color Changing Candles (so that no one knocks them over and burns the place down)
  2. Hanging Glittery Swirls
  3. Metallic Foil Curtains
  4. Hanging Fluffy Lanterns

Fast and Easy Bites

At most NYE parties, guests are too busy having fun to notice the amazing appetizers that you spent hours slaving over from that super cute recipe you found on Pinterest. Keep it super simple! Ask guests to each bring something that is easy to munch on and then throw these easy to grab staples into the mix. With the addition of the 2017 decorative flair you’ll get all of the “it so cute” points with none of the work!

  1. NYE Popcorn & popcorn boxes
  2. Rock Candy
  3. Hershey Kisses with NYE stick on labels

Get Home Safe

When your guests start to head home for the night, make sure that everyone is driving responsibly. Use public transportation, ride shares, or let them crash on the floor. No one wants to start the New Year with a DUI or worse. So if you’re new to Lyft, here is a referral code to get a FREE ride: SARAH305771.